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Information for build scala-2.10-8000020190628020724.1b2b4421

Package Namescala
Built bycentos
State complete
StartedTue, 16 Jul 2019 12:09:44 UTC
CompletedTue, 30 Jul 2019 20:18:09 UTC
Extra{'typeinfo': {'module': {'content_koji_tag': 'module-scala-2.10-8000020190628020724-1b2b4421', 'context': '1b2b4421', 'module_build_service_id': 14, 'modulemd_str': "---\ndocument: modulemd\nversion: 2\ndata:\n name: scala\n stream: 2.10\n version: 8000020190628020724\n context: 1b2b4421\n summary: A hybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM\n description: >-\n Scala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming\n patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features\n of object-oriented and functional languages. It is also fully interoperable with\n Java.\n license:\n module:\n - MIT\n xmd:\n mbs:\n mse: TRUE\n buildrequires:\n javapackages-tools:\n ref: virtual\n stream: 201801\n context: 00000000\n version: 2\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n filtered_rpms: []\n scala:\n ref: virtual\n stream: 2.10\n context: 00000000\n version: 1\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n filtered_rpms: []\n platform:\n ref: virtual\n stream: el8.0.0\n context: 00000000\n version: 3\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n stream_collision_modules: \n ursine_rpms: \n filtered_rpms: []\n scmurl: git+\n commit: 3102d9620e7b32b29dd71eeba86a096cd0ea8c18\n rpms:\n jline:\n ref: d3567196dd3f71b30fb506a9313557aa9da3a98d\n scala:\n ref: 67ca63b5f7a41b8ecc23d8a83001970536821592\n jansi:\n ref: 66f6045392146ad429a1d736e283157e72d31858\n hawtjni:\n ref: f1dabafeab3dc111671be068126e8e35de9c9ac7\n jansi-native:\n ref: 7aead18ff4bcf18737a3ae9e8b619f02f6d8dc65\n dependencies:\n - buildrequires:\n javapackages-tools: [201801]\n platform: [el8.0.0]\n scala: [2.10]\n requires:\n platform: []\n profiles:\n common:\n rpms:\n - scala\n api:\n rpms:\n - scala\n - scala-apidoc\n - scala-swing\n filter:\n rpms:\n - ant-scala\n - hawtjni\n - hawtjni-javadoc\n - jansi-javadoc\n - jansi-native-javadoc\n - jline-javadoc\n - maven-hawtjni-plugin\n buildopts:\n rpms:\n macros: |\n %_with_xmvn_javadoc 1\n %_without_asciidoc 1\n %_without_avalon 1\n %_without_bouncycastle 1\n %_without_cython 1\n %_without_dafsa 1\n %_without_desktop 1\n %_without_doxygen 1\n %_without_dtd 1\n %_without_eclipse 1\n %_without_ehcache 1\n %_without_emacs 1\n %_without_equinox 1\n %_without_fop 1\n %_without_ftp 1\n %_without_gradle 1\n %_without_groovy 1\n %_without_hadoop 1\n %_without_hsqldb 1\n %_without_itext 1\n %_without_jackson 1\n %_without_jmh 1\n %_without_jna 1\n %_without_jpa 1\n %_without_junit5 1\n %_without_logback 1\n %_without_markdown 1\n %_without_memcached 1\n %_without_memoryfilesystem 1\n %_without_obr 1\n %_without_python 1\n %_without_reporting 1\n %_without_scm 1\n %_without_snappy 1\n %_without_spring 1\n %_without_ssh 1\n %_without_testlib 1\n components:\n rpms:\n hawtjni:\n rationale: 'Runtime dependency of jansi, jansi-native.\n\n'\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: f1dabafeab3dc111671be068126e8e35de9c9ac7\n buildorder: 10\n arches: [armv7hl]\n jansi:\n rationale: 'Runtime dependency of jline, scala.\n\n'\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 66f6045392146ad429a1d736e283157e72d31858\n buildorder: 30\n arches: [armv7hl]\n jansi-native:\n rationale: 'Runtime dependency of jansi.\n\n'\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 7aead18ff4bcf18737a3ae9e8b619f02f6d8dc65\n buildorder: 20\n arches: [armv7hl]\n jline:\n rationale: 'Runtime dependency of scala.\n\n'\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: d3567196dd3f71b30fb506a9313557aa9da3a98d\n buildorder: 40\n arches: [armv7hl]\n scala:\n rationale: 'Module API.\n\n'\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 67ca63b5f7a41b8ecc23d8a83001970536821592\n buildorder: 50\n arches: [armv7hl]\n...\n", 'name': 'scala', 'stream': '2.10', 'version': '8000020190628020724'}}}
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