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Information for build mongodb-3.6-8000020190718153551.d3efbc1e

Package Namemongodb
Built bycentos
State complete
StartedThu, 18 Jul 2019 15:36:58 UTC
CompletedTue, 30 Jul 2019 20:20:22 UTC
Extra{'typeinfo': {'module': {'content_koji_tag': 'module-mongodb-3.6-8000020190718153551-d3efbc1e', 'context': 'd3efbc1e', 'module_build_service_id': 25, 'modulemd_str': '---\ndocument: modulemd\nversion: 2\ndata:\n name: mongodb\n stream: 3.6\n version: 8000020190718153551\n context: d3efbc1e\n summary: MongoDB Module\n description: >-\n Mongo from humongous is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented\n database. MongoDB is written in C++ and offers the following features. Collection\n oriented storage, easy storage of object/JSON-style data. Dynamic queries. Full\n index support, including on inner objects and embedded arrays. Query profiling.\n Replication and fail-over support. Efficient storage of binary data including\n large objects (e.g. photos and videos). Auto-sharding for cloud-level scalability\n (currently in early alpha). Commercial Support Available. A key goal of MongoDB\n is to bridge the gap between key/value stores (which are fast and highly scalable)\n and traditional RDBMS systems (which are deep in functionality).\n license:\n module:\n - MIT\n xmd:\n mbs:\n mse: TRUE\n buildrequires:\n javapackages-tools:\n ref: virtual\n stream: 201801\n context: 00000000\n version: 2\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n filtered_rpms: []\n go-toolset:\n ref: virtual\n stream: rhel8\n context: 00000000\n version: 1\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n filtered_rpms: []\n platform:\n ref: virtual\n stream: el8.0.0\n context: 00000000\n version: 3\n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n stream_collision_modules: \n ursine_rpms: \n filtered_rpms: []\n scmurl: git+\n commit: c992b71e2216b9dda4308705eee4035c20d1ab03\n rpms:\n jctools:\n ref: 050d58f8ee897d0d0de3e2f4993c9a8166f46add\n python-pymongo:\n ref: c7b6fe46e6e0b53984d9e7c92765ceac2311e041\n mongodb:\n ref: ad0b723430751f37f7127a80f91de361b560fecf\n slf4j:\n ref: 776780893bfdf66deec2f1c682cd571ec53f7b3d\n netty:\n ref: c11c1a34cfc9302e48d2e060a71ce1dddc6b706b\n python-cheetah:\n ref: b7a7dcc8dedb8f7b8bfee42ca1f8aaf4cfbb1685\n mongo-java-driver:\n ref: af8ad672f5c435c1447df0ee2afc69c87e2c6676\n snappy-java:\n ref: 6ab407acf5592f1aabcfb47bb2b5b467baa04fd6\n mongo-tools:\n ref: be15ee1db8ad33c0bc57bea0cfd0512c42136ded\n yaml-cpp:\n ref: 3d9bc35b146d1d27a887a625b67a1a7d5bd511c7\n dependencies:\n - buildrequires:\n go-toolset: [rhel8]\n javapackages-tools: [201801]\n platform: [el8.0.0]\n requires:\n platform: [el8.0.0]\n references:\n community:\n documentation:\n tracker:\n profiles:\n client:\n rpms:\n - mongo-tools\n - mongodb\n default:\n rpms:\n - mongodb\n - mongodb-server\n server:\n rpms:\n - mongodb-server\n api:\n rpms:\n - mongo-tools\n - mongodb\n - mongodb-server\n filter:\n rpms:\n - jcl-over-slf4j\n - jctools-experimental\n - jctools-javadoc\n - jctools-parent\n - jul-to-slf4j\n - log4j-over-slf4j\n - mongo-tools-devel\n - mongodb-test\n - netty-javadoc\n - python-pymongo-doc\n - python3-bson\n - python3-cheetah\n - python3-pymongo\n - python3-pymongo-gridfs\n - slf4j-ext\n - slf4j-javadoc\n - slf4j-jcl\n - slf4j-jdk14\n - slf4j-log4j12\n - slf4j-manual\n - slf4j-sources\n - snappy-java-javadoc\n - yaml-cpp-devel\n - yaml-cpp-static\n buildopts:\n rpms:\n macros: |\n %_with_xmvn_javadoc 1\n %_with_jp_minimal 1\n %_without_tests 1\n %_without_python2 1\n components:\n rpms:\n jctools:\n rationale: Runtime dependency of netty.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 050d58f8ee897d0d0de3e2f4993c9a8166f46add\n arches: [armv7hl]\n mongo-java-driver:\n rationale: Java driver for MongoDB\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: af8ad672f5c435c1447df0ee2afc69c87e2c6676\n buildorder: 2\n arches: [armv7hl]\n mongo-tools:\n rationale: MongoDB tools provides import, export, and diagnostic capabilities.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: be15ee1db8ad33c0bc57bea0cfd0512c42136ded\n arches: [armv7hl]\n mongodb:\n rationale: MongoDB package.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: ad0b723430751f37f7127a80f91de361b560fecf\n buildorder: 2\n arches: [armv7hl]\n netty:\n rationale: Runtime dependency of mongo-java-driver.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: c11c1a34cfc9302e48d2e060a71ce1dddc6b706b\n buildorder: 1\n arches: [armv7hl]\n python-cheetah:\n rationale: MongoDB build-only dependecy.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: b7a7dcc8dedb8f7b8bfee42ca1f8aaf4cfbb1685\n arches: [armv7hl]\n python-pymongo:\n rationale: MongoDB dependecy for running testsuite.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: c7b6fe46e6e0b53984d9e7c92765ceac2311e041\n arches: [armv7hl]\n slf4j:\n rationale: Runtime dependency of mongo-java-driver.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 776780893bfdf66deec2f1c682cd571ec53f7b3d\n arches: [armv7hl]\n snappy-java:\n rationale: Optional runtime dependency of mongo-java-driver.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 6ab407acf5592f1aabcfb47bb2b5b467baa04fd6\n arches: [armv7hl]\n yaml-cpp:\n rationale: MongoDB dependency.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 3d9bc35b146d1d27a887a625b67a1a7d5bd511c7\n arches: [armv7hl]\n...\n', 'name': 'mongodb', 'stream': '3.6', 'version': '8000020190718153551'}}}
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