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Package Namerhel-system-roles
SummarySet of interfaces for unified system management
DescriptionCollection of Ansible roles and modules that provide a stable and consistent configuration interface for managing multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
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StartedTue, 01 Oct 2019 13:45:34 UTC
CompletedTue, 01 Oct 2019 13:47:43 UTC
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Changelog * Wed May 29 2019 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 1.0-6 - Rebase the selinux role, fixes typo in tests, uncovered by Ansible 2.7, (rhbz#1677743) and lists all input variables in defaults to make Satellite aware of them (rhbz#1674004, PR#43) - Rebase the kdump role to fix check mode problems: rhbz#1685904 - Rebase the timesync role: fixes check mode problems (rhbz#1685904) and lists all input variables in defaults (rhbz#1674004) - Rebase the network role: keeps the interface up for state: up if persistent_state is absent and solves problems with defining VLAN and MACVLAN interface types (issue #19) (rhbz#1685902) * Sat Jan 12 2019 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 1.0-5 - spec file improvement: Unify the source macros with deftag() and defcommit() - Update to upstream released versions and drop unnecessary patches. - Unify the spec file with Fedora (no functional changes intended). - Misc spec file comments fixes (by Mike DePaulo) - Fix rpmlint error by escaping a previous changelog entry with a macro (by Mike DePaulo) - Comply with Fedora guidelines by always using "cp -p" in %install (by Mike DePaulo) - Rebase network role - doc improvements, Fedora 29 and Ansible 2.7 support - Regenerate network role patch to apply without offset - Rebase kdump role to fix a forgotten edit, rhbz#1645633 - Update timesync examples: add var prefix (rhbz#1642152), correct role prefix - Add Obsoletes for the -techpreview subpackage - Add warnings to role READMEs and other doc updates, rhbz#1616018 - network: split the state setting into state and persistent_state, rhbz#1616014 - depend on python-jmespath as Ansible will not ship it, rhbz#1660559 * Tue Aug 14 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 1.0-4 - Format the READMEs as html, by vdolezal, with changes to use highlight (source-highlight does not understand YAML) * Thu Aug 09 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 1.0-3 - Rebase the network role to the last revision (d866422). Many improvements to tests, introduces autodetection of the current provider and defaults to using profile name as interface name. - Rebase the selinux, timesync and kdump roles to their 1.0rc1 versions. Many changes to the role interfaces to make them more consistent and conforming to Ansible best practices. - Update the description. * Fri May 11 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.6-4 - Fix complaints about /usr/bin/python during RPM build by making the affected scripts non-exec - Fix merge botch * Mon Mar 19 2018 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> - 0.6-3.1 - Use -a (after cd) instead of -b (before cd) in %setup * Wed Mar 14 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.6-3 - Minor corrections of the previous change by Till Maas. * Fri Mar 09 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.6-2 - Document network role options: static routes, ethernet, dns Upstream PR#36, bz1550128, documents bz1487747 and bz1478576 * Tue Jan 30 2018 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.6-1 - Drop hard dependency on ansible (#1525655), patch from Yaakov Selkowitz - Update the network role to version 0.4, solves bz#1487747, bz#1478576 * Tue Dec 19 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.5-3 - kdump: fix the wrong conditional for ssh checking and improve test (PR#10) * Tue Nov 07 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.5-2 - kdump: add ssh support. upstream PR#9, rhbz1478707 * Tue Oct 03 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.5-1 - SELinux: fix policy reload when SELinux is disabled on CentOS/RHEL 6 (bz#1493574) - network: update to b856c7481bf5274d419f71fb62029ea0044b3ec1 : makes the network role idempotent (bz#1476053) and fixes manual network provider selection (bz#1485074). * Mon Aug 28 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.4-1 - network: update to b9b6f0a7969e400d8d6ba0ac97f69593aa1e8fa5: ensure that state:absent followed by state:up works (bz#1478910), and change the example IP adresses to the IANA-assigned ones. - SELinux: fix the case when SELinux is disabled (bz#1479546). * Tue Aug 08 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.3-2 - We can't change directories to symlinks (rpm bug #447156) so keep the old names and create the new names as symlinks. * Tue Aug 08 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.3-1 - Change the prefix to linux-system-roles., keeping compatibility symlinks. - Update the network role to dace7654feb7b5629ded0734c598e087c2713265: adds InfiniBand support and other fixes. - Drop a patch included upstream. * Mon Jun 26 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.2-2 - Leave a copy of README and COPYING in every role's directory, as suggested by T. Bowling. - Move the network example inventory to the documentation directory together. with the example playbooks and delete the now empty "examples" directory. - Use proper reserved (by RFC 7042) MAC addresses in the network examples. * Tue Jun 06 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.2-1 - Update the networking role to version 0.2 (#1459203) - Version every role and the package separately. They live in separate repos and upstream release tags are not coordinated. * Mon May 22 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.1-2 - Prefix the roles in examples and documentation with rhel-system-roles. * Thu May 18 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0.1-1 - Update to 0.1 (first upstream release). - Remove the tuned role, it is not ready yet. - Move the example playbooks to /usr/share/doc/rhel-system-roles/$SUBSYSTEM directly to get rid of an extra directory. - Depend on ansible. * Thu May 04 2017 Pavel Cahyna <pcahyna@redhat.com> - 0-0.1.20170504 - Initial release. - kdump r. fe8bb81966b60fa8979f3816a12b0c7120d71140 - postfix r. 43eec5668425d295dce3801216c19b1916df1f9b - selinux r. 1e4a21f929455e5e76dda0b12867abaa63795ae7 - timesync r. 33a1a8c349de10d6281ed83d4c791e9177d7a141 - tuned r. 2e8bb068b9815bc84287e9b6dc6177295ffdf38b - network r. 03ff040df78a14409a0d89eba1235b8f3e50a750