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Information for build python38-3.8_bootstrap-8000020200615200122.445c7299

Package Namepython38
Built bycentos
State complete
StartedMon, 15 Jun 2020 20:01:48 UTC
CompletedTue, 14 Jul 2020 13:54:48 UTC
Extra{'typeinfo': {'module': {'content_koji_tag': 'module-python38-3.8-bootstrap-8000020200615200122-445c7299', 'context': '445c7299', 'module_build_service_id': 208, 'modulemd_str': '---\ndocument: modulemd\nversion: 2\ndata:\n name: python38\n stream: 3.8-bootstrap\n version: 8000020200615200122\n context: 445c7299\n summary: Python programming language, version 3.8\n description: >-\n This module gives users access to the internal Python 3.8 in RHEL8, as\n\n well as provides some additional Python packages the users might need.\n\n In addition to these you can install any python3-* package available\n\n in RHEL and use it with Python from this module.\n license:\n module:\n - MIT\n xmd:\n mbs:\n mse: TRUE\n scmurl: git+\n commit: b9cbbcaacab2fa46975ed2fa1bf1b7c0078be994\n buildrequires:\n swig:\n filtered_rpms: []\n ref: c29274de962e384aee4e39dae8f2dc395c39cce9\n stream: 3.0\n context: d1bfb1e2\n version: 8000020190529035910\n koji_tag: module-swig-3.0-8000020190529035910-d1bfb1e2\n platform:\n stream_collision_modules: \n stream: el8.0.0\n ref: virtual\n filtered_rpms: []\n ursine_rpms: \n koji_tag: module-centos-8.0.0-build\n version: 3\n context: 00000000\n httpd:\n filtered_rpms: []\n ref: 8a1dd08eef91dbb9907b5058d1bc429e1a08efa0\n stream: 2.4\n context: 55190bc5\n version: 8000020191007212342\n koji_tag: module-httpd-2.4-8000020191007212342-55190bc5\n rpms:\n python3x-setuptools:\n ref: e871d8d55c2566ebc7bad9b362261eee046b4581\n python-wheel:\n ref: f3f14d2af2afb451b7a29e3e0bcc51ec7f9d20cf\n python38:\n ref: e336cb9a1476ad581ed1ae12b51cba7e0b0ca219\n python3x-pip:\n ref: bcedfd39e51647ff333e1e23ce830014fa856d61\n dependencies:\n - buildrequires:\n httpd: [2.4]\n platform: [el8.0.0]\n swig: [3.0]\n requires:\n platform: [el8]\n references:\n community:\n documentation:\n profiles:\n build:\n rpms:\n - python38\n - python38-devel\n - python38-rpm-macros\n common:\n rpms:\n - python38\n buildopts:\n rpms:\n macros: |\n # === Bootstrap phase 1 ===\n #\n %python3_pkgversion 38\n %_without_python2 1\n # python38, setuptools, wheel\n %_with_bootstrap 1\n # python38\n %_without_rpmwheels 1\n # python38, setuptools, pip\n %_without_tests 1\n # pip\n %_without_doc 1\n components:\n rpms:\n python-wheel:\n rationale: Packaging tool\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: f3f14d2af2afb451b7a29e3e0bcc51ec7f9d20cf\n buildorder: 30\n arches: [armv7hl]\n python38:\n rationale: The main Python interpreter\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: e336cb9a1476ad581ed1ae12b51cba7e0b0ca219\n buildorder: 10\n arches: [armv7hl]\n python3x-pip:\n rationale: Packaging tool\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: bcedfd39e51647ff333e1e23ce830014fa856d61\n buildorder: 40\n arches: [armv7hl]\n python3x-setuptools:\n rationale: Packaging tool\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: e871d8d55c2566ebc7bad9b362261eee046b4581\n buildorder: 20\n arches: [armv7hl]\n...\n', 'name': 'python38', 'stream': '3.8-bootstrap', 'version': '8000020200615200122'}}}
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