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Package Namepython-simpleline
SummaryA Python library for creating text UI
DescriptionSimpleline is a Python library for creating text UI. It is designed to be used with line-based machines and tools (e.g. serial console) so that every new line is appended to the bottom of the screen. Printed lines are never rewritten!
Built bypgreco
State complete
StartedSun, 06 Dec 2020 11:57:37 UTC
CompletedSun, 06 Dec 2020 11:59:28 UTC
Taskbuild (dist-c8-updates, /rpms/python-simpleline.git:2b68676bf5554878d48671c74debc3d5da71ec31)
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Changelog * Tue Aug 11 2020 Jiri Konecny <> - 1.1.1-2 - Fix file extension of gating.yaml * Tue Aug 11 2020 Jiri Konecny <> - 1.1.1-1 - Use relative imports in tests (jkonecny) - Solve pylint errors (jkonecny) - Remove pot file (jkonecny) - Switch translations to rhel-8 Weblate branch (jkonecny) - Add potfile to the .gitignore (jkonecny) - Pause releasing when calling bumpver (jkonecny) - Remove Zanata from the Simpleline (jkonecny) - Switch po-push from Zanata to Weblate (jkonecny) - Download translations from Weblate (jkonecny) * Wed Jun 20 2018 Petr Viktorin <> - 1.1-2 - Remove the unused pocketlint build dependency * Tue Apr 10 2018 Jiri Konecny <> - 1.1-1 - Add global configuration initialize test (jkonecny) - Use default password function from GlobalConfiguration (jkonecny) - Add tests for GlobalConfiguration class (jkonecny) - Move default width to GlobalConfiguration class (jkonecny) - Add GlobalConfiguration object (jkonecny) - Fix a missing article in docs. (jkonecny) - Add tests for UIScreen get_user_input method (jkonecny) - Only InputManager is used to get input in UIScreen (jkonecny) - Move emit of InputReadySignal to InputRequest (jkonecny) - Get only last input on concurrent input (jkonecny) - Add concurrency tests for InputHandler (jkonecny) - Add requester source to the InputHandler (#1557472) (jkonecny) - Use InputManager as screen helper not in ScreenScheduler (#1557472) (jkonecny) - Add test to check InputThreadManager after initialization (jkonecny) - Reinitialize InputThreadManager when app is initialized (jkonecny) - Input requests are now handled by InputThreadManager (jkonecny) - Remove io_manager property from ScreenScheduler (jkonecny) - Rename io_manager to input_manager (jkonecny) - Change IOManager to InputManager (jkonecny) - Move draw from IOManager to ScreenScheduler (jkonecny) - Separate password input to PasswordInputHandler (jkonecny) - Add DEFAULT_WIDTH constant (jkonecny) - Add tests for InputHandler (jkonecny) - Replace get_input_without_check by new property (jkonecny) - Separate input to a new module (jkonecny) * Wed Feb 28 2018 Jiri Konecny <> - 1.0-1 - Fix docs based on the new PROCESSED feature (jkonecny) - Use new PROCESS_AND* in examples (jkonecny) - Add tests for PROCESSED_AND_{CLOSE|REDRAW} (jkonecny) - Use new PROCESSED_AND_{CLOSE|REDRAW} in advanced widgets (jkonecny) - Support PROCESSED_AND_CLOSE UserInputState (jkonecny) - Rename UserInputResult to UserInputAction (jkonecny) - Support PROCESSED_AND_REDRAW (jkonecny) - Fix link to the documentation in README (jkonecny) - Add link to the documentation (jkonecny) - Write documentation for Simpleline (jkonecny) - Disable pylint error for doc copyright variable (jkonecny) - Add new example used in the documentation (jkonecny) - Mock modules for readthedocs (jkonecny) - Do a small fixes to improve documentation (jkonecny) - Get version from the spec file (jkonecny) - Add documentation skeleton (jkonecny) * Fri Feb 09 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.8-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Oct 19 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.8-1 - Test clean-up (jkonecny) - Move and rename force_quit loop (jkonecny) - Add dump screen stack method (jkonecny) * Tue Oct 17 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.7-1 - Fix crash when container callback is not set (jkonecny) - Add EntryWidget to show item title and value (jkonecny) - Add GetPasswordInputScreen for getting passwords (jkonecny) - UIScreen can have hidden input (jkonecny) - Move getpass func inside locks (jkonecny) - Implement GetInputScreen (jkonecny) - Do not print new line with empty container (jkonecny) - Add no_separator to UIScreen (jkonecny) - Fix HelpScreen title (jkonecny) - Remove original classes from GLib tests (jkonecny) - Fix test case name (jkonecny) - Move tests to subfolder (jkonecny) - Move base widgets as second example (jkonecny) - Add example with basic widgets usage (jkonecny) - Improve (jkonecny) - Improve example starting script (jkonecny) - Add glib loop example (jkonecny) - Add prefixes to examples to impress difficulty (jkonecny) - Add comments to the examples (jkonecny) - Update examples to use new features (jkonecny) * Fri Sep 08 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.6-1 - Implement the force quit all loops feature (jkonecny) - Improved GLib event loop testing (jkonecny) - Handle GLib event loop exceptions better (jkonecny) - Support for GLib event loop (jkonecny) - Wrap exceptions from handlers as ExceptionSignal (jkonecny) - Only highest priority events are processed in one iteration (jkonecny) - Move parts from MainLoop to AbstractEventLoop (jkonecny) - MainLoop won't wait in busy loop anymore (jkonecny) - Don't block loop when waiting on user input (jkonecny) - Fix user input lock (jkonecny) * Mon Sep 04 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.5-1 - Fix exception in Screen input caused infinite loop (jkonecny) - Add test if app is initialized (jkonecny) - Redraw on first scheduled screen (#1487326) (jkonecny) - Redraw after YesNoDialog modal window close (jkonecny) * Fri Aug 18 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.4-1 - Screen scheduling is moved to ScreenHandler (jkonecny) - Remove merge commits from changelog (jkonecny) * Thu Aug 17 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.3-1 - Remove merge commits from changelog (jkonecny) - Fix bad input processing for list containers (jkonecny) - Rename quit callback and add args there. (jkonecny) - Add tests for new container feature (jkonecny) - List containers take max width if not specified (jkonecny) - Remove leftover print in containers parsing input (jkonecny) * Mon Aug 14 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.2-1 - Merge pull request #26 from jkonecny12/master-fix-ExitMainLoop-exception (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #28 from jkonecny12/master-fix-container-callback (jkonecny) - Fix docs for container callbacks (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #25 from jkonecny12/master-fix-big-screen-printing (jkonecny) - Remove missed test helper for local testing (jkonecny) - The ExitMainLoop exception should kill whole app (jkonecny) - Do not run an old event queue from modal screen (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #23 from jkonecny12/master-add-possibility-to-end-loop-politely (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #24 from jkonecny12/master-fix-compatibility (jkonecny) - Add possibility to end loop politely (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #22 from jkonecny12/master-add-logging (jkonecny) - Fix printing issues for bigger screens (jkonecny) - Set default screen height to 30 (jkonecny) - Keep backward compatibility for UIScreen args (jkonecny) - Add logging to the Simpleline (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #19 from jkonecny12/master-rework-wait-on-input (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #21 from jkonecny12/master-fix-adv-widgets (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #20 from jkonecny12/master-move-InputState (jkonecny) - Wait on input thread to finish (jkonecny) - return_after don't skip signals in recursion (jkonecny) - Add TicketMachine helper class (jkonecny) - Return user input in the signal handler (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #16 from jkonecny12/master-modify-exception-handling (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #18 from jkonecny12/master-ignore-pylint-with-lock (jkonecny) - Reflect changes in adv_widgets (jkonecny) - Move InputState next to UIScreen (jkonecny) - Break App's cyclic imports (jkonecny) - Add temporal pylint-disable for with Lock (jkonecny) - Re-raise exception only if no handler is registered (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #15 from jkonecny12/master-thread-safe-eventqueue (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #11 from jkonecny12/master-add-args-to-scheduler-shortcut (jkonecny) - Make the EventQueue thread safe (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #13 from jkonecny12/master-enhance-WindowContainer-add (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #12 from jkonecny12/master-fix-ready-collision (jkonecny) - Add args param to the scheduler_handler shortcuts (jkonecny) - Fix bad param name for scheduling methods (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #10 from jkonecny12/master-add-hidden-user-input (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #8 from jkonecny12/master-remove-base-file (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #9 from jkonecny12/master-remove-quit-message (jkonecny) - Add method add_with_separator to WindowContainer (jkonecny) - Fix `ready` property collision with Anaconda (jkonecny) - Add hidden parameter to UIScreen get input (jkonecny) - Remove unused quit message (jkonecny) - Move App from base to (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #6 from jkonecny12/fix-make-potfile-generation (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #7 from jkonecny12/master-fix-make-archive (jkonecny) - Fix make archive (jkonecny) - Fix potfile generation (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #5 from jkonecny12/master-add-containers (jkonecny) - Examples now using WindowContainer (jkonecny) - Fix error when getting input directly (jkonecny) - Add WindowContainer and use it in UIScreen (jkonecny) - Add SeparatorWidget (jkonecny) - Add input processing to containers (jkonecny) - Add containers numbering (jkonecny) - Add containers, checkbox and center widget tests (jkonecny) - Add row and column list containers (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #4 from jkonecny12/master-split-renderer (jkonecny) - Fix modules (jkonecny) - Change INPUT_PROCESSED and INPUT_DISCARDED to Enum (jkonecny) - Rename renderer and event_loop in App class (jkonecny) - Add scheduler_handler and rename switch_screen (jkonecny) - Process signals when waiting on user input (jkonecny) - Move draw screen to the InOutManager (jkonecny) - Change UIScreen properties (jkonecny) - Move input processing to the InOutManager class (jkonecny) - Move SignalHandler to the screen module (jkonecny) - Move ui_screen to the screen module (jkonecny) - Rename Renderer to ScreenScheduler (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #3 from jkonecny12/master-change-close-to-signal (jkonecny) - Change separator tests to reflect close as signal (jkonecny) - Close screen is now signal (jkonecny) - Rename emit_draw_signal to redraw (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #2 from jkonecny12/master-fix-modal (jkonecny) - Add missing doc for EventQueue and ScreeStack (jkonecny) - Add tests for event queue (jkonecny) - Modal screens are now executing new event loop (jkonecny) - Separator should be printed just before show_all() (jkonecny) - Move screen scheduling tests to new file (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #1 from jkonecny12/master-refactorization (jkonecny) - Implement small fixes and tweaks (jkonecny) - Move ScreenStack to render module (jkonecny) - Add SimplelineError as base class for Exceptions (jkonecny) - Clean up unused code and do a small tweaks (jkonecny) - Fix pylint errors (jkonecny) - Modify examples to reflect new changes (jkonecny) - Add emit_draw_signal to the SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Do not call draw when prompt is not present (jkonecny) - Remove old INPUT_* constants (jkonecny) - Do not redraw when input was processed (jkonecny) - Add license to all test classes (jkonecny) - Add new tests for render_screen, renderer, widgets (jkonecny) - Remove hubQ (jkonecny) - Split input from drawing (jkonecny) - Fix rendering errors by removing _redraw variable (jkonecny) - Replace array with priority by Signal ordering (jkonecny) - Add tests for SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Use SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Add screen rendering tests (jkonecny) - Raise exceptions instead of silently quitting (jkonecny) - Reflect code changes in tests (jkonecny) - Fix missing super().__init__() in Signals (jkonecny) - Fix modal screen by removing execute_new_loop (jkonecny) - Fail when UIScreen is not closing itself (jkonecny) - Add constants INPUT_PROCESSED and INPUT_DISCARDED (jkonecny) - Fix issues in Renderer and MainLoop (jkonecny) - Use RenderScreenSignal signal for rendering (jkonecny) - Add as a shortcut to start application (jkonecny) - Move widgets and adv_widgets to render module (jkonecny) - Fix cosmetic bugs in widgets (jkonecny) - Move prompt to render module (jkonecny) - Modify ScreenStack tests to reflect UIScreen changes (jkonecny) - Modify UIScreen to use new App class structure (jkonecny) - Fix renderer tests after moving the Renderer class (jkonecny) - Move renderer to separate file (jkonecny) - Add quit_callback to the event loop abstract class (jkonecny) - Add tests for the App class (jkonecny) - Change base class to singleton like class (jkonecny) - Add tests for event loop processing (jkonecny) - Implementation of defualt event loop and signals (jkonecny) - Add abstract base classes for EventLoop and Event (jkonecny) - Remove ScheduleScreen tests (jkonecny) - Add tests for renderer (jkonecny) - Extract renderer from App class to render directory (jkonecny) - Add tests for new ScreenStack and ScreenData (jkonecny) - Extract screen stack to its own object and data class (jkonecny) - Modify comments in the spec file (jkonecny) - Package is named python-simpleline (jkonecny) - Fix spec file (jkonecny) - Fix summary in the spec file (jkonecny) - Fix names according to tagging (jkonecny) * Fri May 05 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-3 - Modify comments in the spec file * Thu May 04 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-2 - Drop clean section - Drop Group, it is not needed - Use make_build macro - Reorder check and install sections - Rename package to python-simpleline but rpm will be python3-simpleline * Fri Dec 16 2016 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-1 - Initial package